There's a new pack of wolves in town!  Come join Channing Addams and Rochelle Landsberry as their story is the first to be told in the all new My Beloved series.  But beware, these aren't your everyday average werewolves, and you might just get a little more than a love bite from one.

Coming September 23rd!

My Beloved Werewolf, My Beloved, Book 1

Channing can’t believe his luck when he literally collides into his mate in the middle of a bookstore of all places.  Rochelle is everything he wants in a mate, but she is human.  He knows he has to take this one slow and carefully.  

When the unthinkable happens and people start turning into monsters before her very eyes at what was supposed to be a night of dancing and having fun under the stars, it sets the stage for a drastic turn of events. 
Now, running from the head Alpha of North America who wants both Rochelle and Channing dead because of what she knows, they wonder if they will be able to reach safety before they are found.   And Channing wonders how much more the love of his life is going to take of his crazy world before she gives up on the two of them.  But as time goes by, he finds his mate has an inner core of strength and resolve that just might help them get out of this mess.

My Beloved Werewolf, My Beloved 1


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