There's a new pack of wolves in town!  Come join Channing Addams and Rochelle Landsberry as their story is the first to be told in the all new My Beloved series.  But beware, these aren't your everyday average werewolves, and you might just get a little more than a love bite from one.

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My Beloved Werewolf, My Beloved, Book 1

Channing Addams can’t believe his luck when he literally collides into his mate in the most unlikely of places.  But his happiness doesn't last long when his beast demands they join with their mate, leaving Channing to use all his power to stifle the beast within to not frighten the woman meant to be their mate—their human mate.Rochelle, with the knowledge of having the worst taste in men, finds it difficult to trust what is placed directly in her path—a man interested in every aspect of her life along with sharing his with her. 

As the two are getting to know each, the unthinkable happens, and Rochelle soon learns that not all is how it seems when people start turning into monsters before her very eyes, leaving her running for her life—literally.

Channing wonders how much more the love of his life is going to take of his crazy world before she gives up on the two of them.  But as time goes by, he finds his mate has an inner core of strength and resolve.  One that just might come in handy as they face the evil within Channing's own family.
Can Rochelle accept the beast within the man she has fallen for or will she run, leaving him to fight his own battles?

My Beloved Werewolf, My Beloved 1


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